How to Play?

We follow the 5th Edition as of May 2022 of the Federation of International Touch (FIT) Rules. 

We built our League Rules based on (FIT): <Click Here to View our Rules>

To view the full listing of the 5th Edition FIT Rules, <Click here to view 5th edition FIT Rules>.

* Playing in a six-on-six format, touch rugby uses the same rules as traditional rugby but instead of tackling opponents, you touch them with one hand to prevent them from scoring points. 

* Once an opponent is touched, they then initiate a roll ball on the ground through their legs to a teammate who can then try to advance down the field with their teammates.

 * Also unique to touch rugby is that if a team cannot get a “try” or score within six touches down the field, the ball will be turned over to the other team.  

* Games are 12 min halves with a short halftime break. The field is divided into two halves so that two games can be played simultaneously.

Touch Rugby, also known as Touch or Touch Football, is very simple to play.  Here are the basics of how to play:

  • The Field is close to 70M long by 50M wide with marked trylines, sidelines and a half-way line.
  • Co-Ed Teams consist of up to 12 players with a maximum of 6 players on the field at any time (minimum of one player on the field must be female and at least one male).
  • Players may interchange from the side of the field as often as they wish with the exception of when an intercept or line break situation.
  • Game starts with a TAP at the centre of the half-way line and the defending team must retire 10M.
  • Attacking team has 6 touches, before possession changes unless other rules are infringed.
  • A player may pass, knock, throw or otherwise deliver the ball to any onside player on the attacking team.
  • There is NO kicking the ball allowed.
  • Passing forward is NOT permitted.  This will result in a change of possession with a TAP restart and the defending team must retire 10M.
  • After a touch the player performs a ROLLBALL at the mark where the touch occurred, stepping over or gently rolling the ball between the feet.  The defending team must retire 7M.
  • The attacking player who gets the ball after the rollball is the half, who can either run or pass.  The Half cannot score and if the half gets touched a change of possession occurs.  The game restarts with a ROLLBALL at the mark.
  • A Try is scored when an attacking player places the ball on or over the tryline.
  • The team that scores the most tries in the game is declared the winning team.