2022 Spring Season Playoffs & Championship (Thurs June 16th)

For the first time ever, we had to apply the Tie-Breaker rules between the tied 1st place Green Giants and Turf Burn. Based on the games between the two teams, Rule 1 – The Most Points (Pts) were tied as each team were 2-2. Now to Rule 2 – using the best net from the tries scored (TF) minus tries allowed (TA) which goes to the Green Giants with a +3 (14-11). So, 1st Place is Green Giants and 2nd Place is Turf Burn.
The Playoffs and Championships are on Thursday June 16th. Which team is going to claim the 2022 Spring Championship Trophy???


Thu June 16th Playoffs & Championship

8:30pm Playoffs

Pitch 1 – (4th) Vipers RFC (B) at (1st) Green Giants (A)
Pitch 2 – (3rd) Pink Banters (C) at (2nd) Turf Burn (D)

9:00pm Championship

Winner from Pitch 2 at Winner from Pitch 1