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2022 Spring Champs – GREEN GIANTS

2022 Saint John Touch Rugby League Champions – GREEN GIANTS

The fifth anniversary season of the Saint John Touch Rugby League concluded with a last second try by the Green Giants to take a 5-4 victory over the Pink Banters. The Pink Banters just scored to tie the game at 4 apiece and then off the tap restart with support the Green Giants scored. Congrats to the 2022 Spring Season Champions – GREEN GIANTS.  David Darrah scored three tries while setting up the last second try to Luke Johnson after the tap restart. Chris Barry also had a single try for the Green Giants. For the Pink Banters, single tries were scored by Claire Hague, Dave MacGowan, Chad Sooley and Jules Ouimet.

2022 Spring Season Playoffs & Championship (Thurs June 16th)

For the first time ever, we had to apply the Tie-Breaker rules between the tied 1st place Green Giants and Turf Burn. Based on the games between the two teams, Rule 1 – The Most Points (Pts) were tied as each team were 2-2. Now to Rule 2 – using the best net from the tries scored (TF) minus tries allowed (TA) which goes to the Green Giants with a +3 (14-11). So, 1st Place is Green Giants and 2nd Place is Turf Burn.
The Playoffs and Championships are on Thursday June 16th. Which team is going to claim the 2022 Spring Championship Trophy???


Thu June 16th Playoffs & Championship

8:30pm Playoffs

Pitch 1 – (4th) Vipers RFC (B) at (1st) Green Giants (A)
Pitch 2 – (3rd) Pink Banters (C) at (2nd) Turf Burn (D)

9:00pm Championship

Winner from Pitch 2 at Winner from Pitch 1

2022 Spring Season T-Shirts are IN!!!

The T-Shirts are now IN! These are going to look very nice at the Thursday June 9th matches and for the Playoffs/Championship (Thursday June 16th).

To align with Team Names, here are the colors for each team:

Green Giants (A) – GREEN
Vipers RFC (B) – PURPLE
Pink Banters (C) – ORANGE
Turf Burn (D) – LIGHT BLUE

***NOTE*** We plan on being there for 8pm so if you do arrive early, please make sure to pick up your T-Shirt.

2022 Spring Season Team Rosters

Here are the 2022 Spring Season Team Rosters.

Green Giants (A) – Color – Green
Chris Barry (***Replacement for Mike Curwin***)
David Darrah
Jodie Allen
Josh Wells
Laura Griggs
Luke Johnson
Mike Curwin (***Injured Reserve***)
Miranda Stevens
Trevor Seely


Vipers RFC (B) – Color – Purple
Andrew Feetham
Kelsey Leaver
Rebecca Aube
Ryan Lanigan
Sam Peterson
Sam Walsh
Stephen Doucette
Stephen Johnson
Tara Lewis


Pink Banters (C) – Color – Orange
Cameron Ough
Chad Sooley
Claire Hague
Dave MacGowan
John Desmond
Jules Ouimet
Madeline Harquail
Michael Desmond
Sacha Logan


Turf Burn (D) – Color – Light Blue
Alex Tees
Andrew Peppard
Amit Tamrakar
Jake McDonald (***Injured Reserve***)
James Barrington
Katherine Lorette
Lisa Cormier
Lori Soucy
Sam Irvine
Sarah Weaver
Tim Laskey

2022 Spring Season Registration is now CLOSED

The Registration for the upcoming 2022 Spring Season is now CLOSED!!!

Teams will be Organized by Thursday May 5th.

Teams colors & names submitted or selected by the Executive by Monday May 9th 8pm.

Spring Season starts on Thursday May 12th at 9pm Emera NB Turf Field located at Shamrock Park.

2022 Spring Season Registration is OPEN

Happy 5th Anniversary to the SJTRL.  Back on Friday April 29th, 2016…the first ever Co-Ed Touch Rugby League in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada kicked off the inaugural season.  We have been waiting to celebrate our 5th year since the Spring 2019 season finished.

We are so looking forward to getting out on the pitch (aka Field) again.

Emera New Brunswick Turf Field at Shamrock Park on Thursday nights at 9pm-10pm starting on May 12th until Thursday June 16th.

***NOTE*** The last four weeks of the season the time will be changed to start earlier at 8:30pm-9:30pm.

You have to be at least 18 years of age and the $55 Registration Fee is for 6 weeks (one night/hour per week) which also includes a Team T-Shirt. That’s 10 Regular Season games and then Playoffs and Finals.

***ALL Players must acknowledge and sign a Waiver prior to the season beginning***

***Provincial COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted March 14.  However ALL Players must follow the SJTRL – COVID-19 Return to Play plan only if we need to implement it.***

Click here for all the Registration Details

Upcoming Events:

– Monday March 7th 8am – Registration Opens (***48 spots available***)

– Monday May 2nd 8pm – Registration Closes (***Unless the 48 Spots are registered before that day/time***)

***NOTE*** If the season doesn’t work out due to low registration, we will refund your full registration fee back to you via an etransfer.

– Thursday May 5th – Teams will be created & players will be notified

– Monday May 9th 8pm – Teams colors & names submitted or selected by the Executive

– Thursday May 12th 9pm-10pm – Week 1

– Thursday May 19th 9pm-10pm – Week 2

– Thursday May 26th 8:30pm-9:30pm – Week 3

– Thursday June 2nd 8:30pm-9:30pm – Week 4

– Thursday June 9th 8:30pm-9:30pm – Week 5

– Thursday June 16th 8:30pm-9:30pm – Week 6 (Playoffs & Championship)

FIT 5th Edition Rule Changes

Our Rules are based off the Federation of International Touch (FIT) Rules.  We have been using the 4th Edition of FIT Rules since the league started in 2016.  We do have slight modifications to accommodate our League Rules but our foundation are the FIT Rules.

Below are the new rules we are implementing in the upcoming season.  Thanks to the England Touch for having these templates.

We will not be using the Coin Toss.  Since our fields have a specified area for Home vs. Away to allow the Away teams to easily shift from one Pitch to another.  The Home Team has choice to take ball or defer to 2nd Half.

Our Rule Documents will be updated very soon.


2022 Spring Season Information Update

Third time is a charm they say… we have been looking forward to celebrating our 5th Anniversay since the conclusion of the 2019 Spring season.

We can’t wait to get back out on the pitch (aka Field) again… can you?

Here’s some information for the upcoming 2022 Spring Season:

  • You have to be at least 18 years of age
  • $55 Registration Fee
  • 6 weeks (one night/hour per week) starting May until Mid-June.  This includes a Team T-Shirt. That’s 10 Regular Season games and then Playoffs and Finals.
  • There are some Rule Changes to reflect the 2020 version 5 of the Federation of International Touch (F.I.T.) Rules. i.e. Onside Distance of 5m is now 7m, Interceptions = Zero Touch Count, Sin Bins, Drop Off Overtime Rules to name a few


What are you doing this Spring?