2019 Winter Registration

Individual Player Registration (Must be 18+)

$90 for the 6 Week Winter Season (one night/hour per week) and it includes a team T-Shirt

***Players will be arranged with other individual registrants to create a team prior to the league commencing***

***Spots will be guaranteed once payment and the form is received – space is limited!***

***Registration closes on Monday December 30th at 8pm unless the league registration is full before that day/time (40 people max.)***

***Register early to claim your spot as we need to ensure all 40 spots are registered and paid for so that the season can happen!!!***

Field: Irving Oil Field House on Wed nights at 9-10pm starting on Feb 5th and concludes on Mar 18th.

Compared to the Spring Rules: due to the Field size the games will be 5 on 5 or worse case 4 on 4.  This will be determined on the first night.  Games are 10 min halves with a short halftime break.


Registration Form Options:

Registration is CLOSED as the league is FULL.  If you would like to be put on the Waiting List, please contact us via saintjohntouchrugby@gmail.com


Here are the upcoming events for the league:

– Tuesday December 10th 8pm – Registration Opens (***40 spots available***)

– Monday December 30th 8pm – Registration Closes (***Unless the 40 Spots are registered before that day/time***)

– Tuesday December 31st – Decision if the Winter Season is a go or not (based on the # of spots registered)

***NOTE*** If the season doesn’t work out due to low registration, we will refund your full registration fee ($90) back to you via an etransfer.

– Monday January 6th – Teams will be Created

– Wednesday February 5th 9pm – The Season starts for 6 weeks not including March Break week (March 4th) so it concludes on Wed March 18th.