Season: Winter 2019

2019 Winter Season

2016-2019 Players

We are thankful for the 119 Players that have been involved with the Saint John Touch Rugby League (SJTRL) over the seasons (4 Spring and 1 Winter).

2022 Spring marks the 5th Anniversary of the League and we can’t wait to get back on the pitch.

What are you doing this Spring?

Red Ruggers at G.O.A.T.S

Try-rannosaurus Rexs at The Try Babies (DEFAULT)

Try-rannosaurus Rexs at G.O.A.T.S

Red Ruggers at The Try Babies (DEFAULT)

The Try Babies at Try-rannosaurus Rexs

Red Ruggers at G.O.A.T.S

Red Ruggers at Try-rannosaurus Rexs

The Try Babies at G.O.A.T.S