Season: Spring 2019

2019 Spring Season

2016-2019 Players

We are thankful for the 119 Players that have been involved with the Saint John Touch Rugby League (SJTRL) over the seasons (4 Spring and 1 Winter).

2022 Spring marks the 5th Anniversary of the League and we can’t wait to get back on the pitch.

What are you doing this Spring?

East Coast Games – Four Team Touch Rugby Tournament

For full details on how to register, please visit:

2019 East Coast Games

East Coast Games Registration CLOSES

East Coast Games Registration is OPEN until June 19th at 8pm ***Unless the Tournament gets full before that Date/Time***

Head over to for all the details!!!

2019 Spring Season – CHAMPIONSHIP

CHAMPIONSHIP (Winner of Pitch 1 vs. Winner of Pitch 2)

Somethin’ Sweet at Rolling Thunder (CHAMPIONSHIP) (OT)

2019 Saint John Co-Ed Touch Rugby Champions – SOMETHIN’ SWEET

The fourth season of the Saint John Co-Ed Touch rugby League concluded with an Overtime battle which ended up to a 3 on 3 for many minutes.  Congrats to Somethin’ Sweet as they defeated Rolling Thunder 4-3 in OT to win the 2019 Spring Season Championship.  Andrew Feetham scored three tries which included the game winner while Trever Seely had a single try.  For the Rolling Thunder, Mathieu Doucet scored twice while Ryan Lanigan scored a single.

Somethin’ Sweet at Cobra (PLAYOFFS 3rd at 2nd) (OT)

PLAYOFFS (3rd “Somethin’ Sweet” at 2nd “Cobra”)

Bugs at Rolling Thunder (PLAYOFFS 4th at 1st) (OT)

PLAYOFFS (4th “Bugs” at 1st “Rolling Thunder”)

Bugs at Rolling Thunder

Somethin’ Sweet at Cobra

Somethin’ Sweet at Rolling Thunder