2024 Spring Season Team Rosters

Here are the 2024 Spring Season Team Rosters.

(A) – Color – TBD
Andrew Feetham
Dan Scally
Darron Muzavazi
Eric Plant
Erin Nobles Crook
Josh Wells
Jules Ouimet
Kara McCann
Lori Soucy
Malorie Scally
Sarah Weaver
Scott McQuinn


Ravens (B) – Color – Black
Alex Robart
Adam Lund
Claire Hague
James Barrington
Jayden Keegan
Karen Abernethy
Laura Howe
Lauren Carlisle
Mike Curwin
Ryan Lanigan
Stephen Johnson
Troy Hubbard

SUBS – These players are available to play for a team if they are very short on players.  The only time they can’t play for a team is when the team has a full roster present or it’s the Championship games (Tues June 11th).  We might have other Subs during the season which is TBD at the moment.
  • Chad Sooley